Men, GET OVER with your sex superiority – Sincerely Women!!

How safe are we? Literally in our country how safe are we? This piece is actually just a vent out piece. Well if anyone asks me how I am feeling right now? Truly I am feeling SHIT SCARED. In the morning hours also you are not safe, forget the night timings!! You are a GIRL (O yes, you belong to the weaker sex) so you should be the coy one sitting in your place and no, you shouldn’t come out, or else YOU WILL BE RAPED !! It seems that this is the major mentality of the men and also of some of the women who actually would comment on someone of the same sex as hers.

Not talking over any dissection of the number of rape cases that has happened in the whole of India, but see the listings it’s fucking 635 Rape cases alone in Delhi in 2012. This is not where I will discuss about the rape victims, and what should be the ultimate punishment but rather this is something like an ode to the ego of MEN!!
Well first, FUCK YOU, o wait!! Should I be shit scared, I just said Fuck so it must be annoying to you that how can a girl come and abuse you, so you try RAPING her in your rage?  Well if you think like this, Shove a gun up your ass and shoot yourself!! Let me clearly state this out, all guys are not RAPIST, but truly are you not in somewhere or the other? How many of you will stop your friend instead of joining in, if he teases a girl? Keep the answer to yourself and if it’s a no, well you are no better than a RAPIST. O yes, the second thing I wanted to ask, can’t I smoke, party, go to a disc, wear strapless dresses, drink? No? are you the one who will control my conscience? Well do you control yours when you try to peep in hard to catch a glimpse of my cleavage? Don’t have to answer, we know it!!
PREACH whatever you PRACTICE. If you actually preach of having a better India with women walking right beside you then start practicing. This actually goes out for every women and men out in our country. Out for every girl who comes home after dark, carry your deo, one of the lethal strands of self protection, be safe and fight for others. You are no more the coy type, you have to fight and snatch your safety and rights out of the hands ‘rapists, section of our society’
Girls – It’s high time, you realize your value, and you can’t blame someone of getting raped because she wore a dress or was returning on a bus. What if it was you? Think!!
Be safe, for many who think they are safe around their friends and nothing like this can happen, THINK, don’t be ignorant and make your self vulnerable!!
Guys – Why commit rape? Are you so frustrated? Is rape the only way to boost your ego? Is molestation the only way? Is eve teasing the only way!! Well it definitely seems that even having a sister and mother at your home will not have any effect on you!! Show your power where you can improve not somewhere where you can never go back.
Special kudos to those guys, who actually stand by us and are the real men!! We are thankful!!
Life is actually something that everyone is blessed with and where everyone should enjoy with equal rights, so take time to think out of your daily schedule and do something proactive. We girls are the cause you people are here in the world, so learn to RESPECT us!! And if you don’t care and still continue well what I can say is that KARMA is a bitch after all!!Image

One thought on “Men, GET OVER with your sex superiority – Sincerely Women!!

  1. Victimisation of the victim is what takes place all over the world. The mentality is that a girl is responsible for whatever happens to her,even if its true for all of us, but in case of a rape it solely lies with the girl. Society thinks the rape happened because of the girl’s attire or behaviour or so and so. Even if one argues for the sake of argument that what about the rape of a 3yr old or 60yrs old? The answer is that the whole women themselves are responsible for this by portraying themselves as sex object. Sad but true.
    An amazing discovery was made in a recent pole where 30% girls and 56% boys thinks that if a girl arouses and leads a boy and then denies then the boy is correct in forcing himself upon the girl for sex.
    True and Sad Fact is our society is like Allopathic medicine system which believes in curing the problem instead of preventing it. The world has made rules and laws for girls for their behavior, etiquette, attire etc etc so that they don’t arouse a ‘beast’ inside of a man but nobody is sensitive enough to raise the question of how to create a society where the ‘beast’ itself is not present.
    This will require the society to be sensitized about equality of men and women. Society needs to understand that females are as important and equal as their male counterpart; it is a natural law.
    The time when civilization understands this Truth, mankind will be able to take the giant leap on the evolutionary scale.

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