10 minutes of monochrome..

For a change (much needed) the bay is silent. The crowd is off for lunch and yes, here I am sitting and brooding and writing. Have you ever faced a certain alluring state that just grows all over you and slowly choke you? It’s strange how you end up having a symbiotic relationship with this proposition. I don’t know about others, but for me this was such a high. It was my dirty little secret.

But, the evolution of this proposition began!And I ran. As usual for me, I escaped!Strangely, I never gave a chance to the alluring mushroom which made me see rainbows in the blackest corner of the self! So, after I was nominated as the ‘Escapist of the Year’, I ran again. Somehow I have come to accept the fact that I run away from every bit of colors I see or I’m made to see.Fuck this shit, other’s just fail to see my love for monochrome like only Black, Red, Blue! They may not understand this, ever! (shrugs)I find comfort in the monochromes. It’s like carrying a wand and apparating from one color to another. So cool, so me, so much like escaping.

To the shroom who inflicted the rainbows, you’ll wither away trying to understand my love for monochromes.

To the hues, engulf me more!
To me, paint the monochromes!
To others, eat slowly! You didn’t have to finish your lunch in 10 minutes