It is said..

It is said that Silence speaks louder than words,

But what about the times when it doesn’t? 

It is said that Time heals almost everything,

But what if the difference between ‘Almost’ & ‘Everything’ is too big?

It is said that Its better to forgive and forget,

But does every ‘Sorry’ deserve ‘Its okay’?

It is said that One should learn to make compromises in life,

But what if adjusting is the only thing one has done till now?

It is said that Every relation that doesn’t work becomes a learning experience,

But what if the ‘experience’ has only made the person lose faith towards certain aspects of life?

All my attempts to find answers to these Riddles of the heart,

Reminds me of yet another Saying-

Every clarification breeds new questions’.



That essence of life, called ‘simplicity’

 And I wanna walk with you, On a cloudy day… 
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high, So won’t you try to come…
Come away with me ….”
Working , working, working…then a certain tweet by someone about Norah Jones led me to visit YouTube and today, my the whole-day will be Norah Jones day. You know for me there is one beautiful thing that’s associated with Jones !!
Simplicity,yes that is the essence of Jones songs. …
“She’s 22
And she’s loving you
And you’ll never know how it makes me blue
Does it make you happy?”
Well you feel the essence of the lyrics by her intriguing style of singing.  and the way she plays the soft tunes on her guitar and calms your nerves and gives you the blues and bliss. I remember singing her songs during my school and under-graduation days. I remember plugging my guitar for nights and trying to pick up the chords and the right loops and strings. I miss that “simple essence” in my life.
Life has changed, made me busy and Its alost a year now, I havent laid my fingers, jammed on those strings. ‘Why’ is what I am asking myself right now. Why did I stop? Excuses can be overflown down my system all the time but would that be being true to

English: Norah Jones, Blaisdell Arena

English: Norah Jones, Blaisdell Arena (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

tune in my guitar and play. I dont play that well, but I used to sing along with those broken chords. I dont want to be an artist up on stage and perform. I want to perform for myself to keep myself happy.

You know how you stumble on to very small things and that brings alive those hidden desires of your heart. I think Jones did that for me today. Its high time, I made myself happy without any meterialistic object or connection or love. The essence of singing out loud, while jamming my guitar to clapton, denver, dylan was an era man. I remember penning down my own lyrics too. Gosh I can’t believe am thinking like an old hag, running after success, money, running after “price-tag” things of life while something packed underneath my bed is the real thing to keep me alive, to keep me pushing, to keep me acheive my dreams.
So why am I writing this blog and sharing it to you people? Simple answer fellow sapiens, get that hidden desire which you had lost in your life ever, get back to it and bring back simplicity in the mean-war stricken world of yours. Dont think, just do !! You will smile, trust me !!
“I never told you about the summer
Everyday was changing
Only photographs
But life goes on
In your mind so warm..”